Sunday, November 16, 2008

First posting

I've been wanting to become a "blogger" for some time now...I've been reading others and have found them to be quite "addicting" and I finally learned how to use the Google Reader so I can organize my favorite blogs.

I guess I wanted to have a chance to share what's on my heart...hence my title..desparate for His grace....which is where I am in this season of life... I know that grace is no respecter of persons and that all of human-kind experience hard times, disilluionment, discouragement, hopelessness ... it's what you do with those feelings is what counts.... right now I'm in the sulking, pitiful stage as I attempt to analyze what's going on and determine how I will deal with it.

I'm going through some very confusing and difficult times right now and I don't understand how to process any of it...except through the filter of God's embracing love and grace for me...I have use His filter, otherwise, I would become too subjective, too self-centered (more than I already am), too easily led by impulsive solutions that do not solve or resolve anything...

So far...I'm not doing very well...but I remember the people in the psalms, much of the time David, shared his very soul before God, lamenting, crying out, even sometimes his anger towards God..and I noticed that God was always able to handle it.... so I guess I'm in good company.

more later as I contemplate some more....

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